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Welcome to the Biomedical Informatics Hub Booking Site
Here you can request project support from Hub team members. Please note the following guidelines:
  • Before submitting a project request, please do have an informal discussion with the relevant Hub Member(s). In the case where there are more than one Hub member involved, please identify one Hub member as the lead.
  • As the project owner you will be asked to enter a brief description of the project, its possible outputs and objectives.
  • A typical project can be anything up to eight weeks in duration.
  • To submit a request, you will be asked to enter the following information:
    1. The project title, description, Hub team member(s) working on the project and funding body;
    2. The project Output(s);
    3. Your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
Click the "Project Submission & Tracking" button at the top when you are ready to submit your request.